How it All Started:

Martial Arts Master, Neil Chandler, founded Amp Hardcore Gym in 2014. Amp offers a wide variety of training styles as well as endless equipment. After over 40 years of being involved in Martial Arts and fitness, including extensive military and law enforcement experience, Neil became disappointed with corporate gyms and the overall direction that the fitness and Martial Arts industries were taking. This led to the foundation of Amp Hardcore Gym, a 4,000 sq ft facility, consisting of a variety of free-weights, powerlifting, Olympic & strongman equipment, specialty machines, custom artwork, a boxing arena, jiu jitsu Dojo, sports specific training, turf area, nutrition counseling, and so much more. His mission is to provide a fun and energetic environment that allows people of every training style & fitness level to exceed their goals.

We are not your average gym, so donโ€™t expect average results. We are the best equipped gym in Central Florida. Amp was developed exclusively by trainers and competitors with your results in mind. We have designed specialized programs and selected each piece of equipment to challenge and transform you - mentally & physically.

All employees are expert trainers with knowledge and experience in bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing, MMA, nutrition & more.

Amp was created for those who refuse to accept average. โ€œGo hard or go homeโ€ is the philosophy we live by.

Amp is proud to partner with these local businesses.