Jonathan Billings
September 15, 2017

Recently, Ancient City Lacrosse Club contracted the Amp fitness trainers to provide a high
intensity athletic training program for the boys lacrosse program for Pedro Menendez High School.
The program provided was clearly what we as a board and parents of players were looking for. The
Amp trainers worked the players as a team, working for strength and conditioning geared specifically
for lacrosse players. They also focused with certain injury rehabilitations associated with lacrosse,
developed fitness plans, and designed individual workout regimens for specific positions. The Amp
fitness instructors were able to help the team achieve a spectacular result, which showed in their
season performance and was acknowledge by the coaching staff as well as coaches from other teams.

Neil, Matt and Chrisโ€™s interpersonal skills, fitness knowledge and abilities, and diligent work
ethic made them best training option for the players and what they needed to achieve. Amp truly cares
about their clients, and have the skills to develop plans that will truly help any organization, person or
team. I highly recommend Amp and we will be utilizing them again next season.