M. Smith Tennyson Vice-President Ancient City Lacrosse Club

Vice-President Ancient City Lacrosse Club

Recently, Ancient City Lacrosse Club contracted the Amp fitness trainers to provide a high intensity athletic training program for the boys lacrosse program for Pedro Menendez High School. The program provided was clearly what we as a board and parents of players were looking for. The Amp trainers worked the players as a team, working for strength and conditioning geared specifically for lacrosse players. They also focused with certain injury rehabilitations associated with lacrosse, developed fitness plans, and designed individual workout regimens for specific positions. The Amp fitness instructors were able to help the team achieve a spectacular result, which showed in their season performance and was acknowledge by the coaching staff as well as coaches from other teams. Neil, Matt and Chrisโ€™s interpersonal skills, fitness knowledge and abilities, and diligent work ethic made them best training option for the players and what they needed to achieve. Amp truly cares about their clients, and have the skills to develop plans that will truly help any organization, person or team. I highly recommend Amp and we will be utilizing them again next season.

Jonathan Billings

First off, I am so thankful to have AMP in my area. I just moved to the beach and couldn't be happier. I love the atmosphere and I meet someone new almost every time I go. Everyone is there for the same purpose and that is getting results. Everyone has good gym etiquette for the most part and we are all there to push each other. There is no other gym that compares!

Clint Richardson

Highly recommend Matt. Very professional & excellent at getting the results your after

Grant Paxton

Matt Nigut is a great personal trainer. He made an individualized plan for both my wife and I. He kept us motivated with positive energy, and having fun while getting great results.

Jimmy McCullers

My wife & I were looking for a gym to workout in during our annual vacation to St. Augustine. After searching online, I discovered Amp Hardcore Gym offered weekly rates. Once we visited the gym, we were greeted by Matt and Chris and made to feel right at home. The gym had everything we wanted and needed, free weights, machines, cables, dumbbells, etc. There was plenty of room and never had to wait to use any of the equipment. Patrons were friendly and helpful. This isn't a frou frou gym like some of the others in St. Augustine. If you want to get a great workout without all the rules and fees, Amp Hardcore Gym is the place. We will definitely by back next summer!

Mary Brinton

Matt is awesome, very personable, and great to do business with. Our family is in St. Augustine for two weeks and the temporary membership for all of us was VERY reasonable. The facility is awesome and offers a great variety of equipment and weights for whatever your goals are. We will definitely be back to Amp when we come back to visit!!! Absolutely worth buying the temporary membership, or if you live in the area, I'd say get yourself a permanent membership for sure!!

Vicki Dixon

Great place to workout! Did us right on vacation!

Zachary Nelson

Best gym in st Augustine if you want a gym that actually caters to people who lift

Lisa Rockwell

AMP is a true gym where you'll get real results. Trainer Matt Nigut is simply the best!

Michelle Patel

Have you been working out and not seeing the results you would like? If so, you need to meet Matt Nigut. He creates an effective personalized fitness/nutritional plan for each of his clients and can work with any budget. Every person has a unique situation, so your plan should be customized to you. When I was battling cancer, I dropped 15 pounds. Within a few months I gained back all the weight. The problem is that I lost the weight in muscle, and muscle is not what I got back. Matt was the first person to understand this and truly comprehend my fitness goals. He is extremely compassionate and has gone above and beyond to connect me with resources to help me lead an optimally healthy lifestyle.
If you don't live in St Augustine, Matt can still help you. He has clients literally all over the world. Seriously consider giving him a try!

Gordana Smith

10 out of 5 stars is all I can say! Matt is phenomenal - there were times I could barely walk out of gym but I left feeling like I'm on top of the world! He's patient, he's kind and he knows his stuff! Strongly recommend Matt Nigut and Amp Hardcore Gym! No excuses, only results!!!

Jackson Waughtel

Amazing gym, it has the whole package. I like old school gyms and this place is the definition of that.

Katie Wyble

Amp is an old school gym with modern flair. If you want a real gym that's going to help you get the results you want and a community to inspire you, then definitely check this place out! Amp has all the essentials to help you build any kind of body you want. Dedication sold separately

Nicole Burt

We made the sad mistake of trying to visit Planet Fitness while on vacation...after hearing their ridiculous price per day charge, we started looking around. Stumbled on AMP and got the BEST workout we've had in awhile. Friendly staff, hardcore workout (no pun intended), cost effective, and HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. We'll be back next vacation!

Tori Samantha Bielski

Favorite gym I've ever been to! I only got to workout for one month here because I found them right before I moved  They literally have ALL of the equipment I could possibly want in a gym, staff is so nice and helpful, and it's affordable. Will definitely workout here when I visit St Augustine. Highly recommend

Jared Parkey

Best gym ever! Great staff and great members. Has all the equipment my wife and I need. Very happy I found this gym otherwise I would have had to join worlds gym or planet lunk alarm.

Brandon Celli

AMP is a unique experience in gyms. It is without a doubt one of the best places I've ever had the pleasure to workout. The atmosphere is friendly but productive and very unassumingly results oriented. No matter what your goals, age or experience level you will find something to progress your fitness and health levels in this facility. Also, the owner is truly a great person who is extremely knowledgeable on many levels in both fitness and martial arts- he cares about the results of his members and walks the walk. There IS NO better place to train in Saint Augustine. If you're looking to take your health and fitness goals to the next level, you owe it to yourself to give AMP Hardcore Gym a try. You won't be disappointed.

Meraux Dantes

The trainers at Amp Hardcore are phenomenal! If you're serious about getting the results you want, you've come to the right gym. For real.

Dave Mat-Seillo

Best gym around by far. Good music, friendly and positive staff, train whatever and however u want, and there's only one rule. Can't beat that.

Beth Slate

Great gym, even for older folk like me. Staff fantastic and my trainer, Neil, is the absolute best. Love, love, love all the members.

Jeremiah Rowe

Awesome, truly hard core gym. Staff all have awesome personalities and they're crazy laid back. Regardless of your preferred kind of fitness, you are welcome here. Absolutely love it.

Benjamin Dozier

'Tis true. I've slammed many a weight and grunted fiercely within these walls, and not so much a slide glance was cast my way. Whether you know what you're doing, or just getting it figured out, there's a level of fitness available here. Great mix of old school/new school equipment, plus the upgrade to the fight gear, means any kind of workout can be had. One of the best I've ever been to. Get some.

Marwan Shatila

hands down best gym I've been to in Saint Augustine. A place for anyone to train however they want with no restrictions. Great atmosphere and great staff. Amp is a place where you can enjoy your training sessions along with working with others who share your goals in fitness. Overall, I highly recommend this gym.

Jason Clemons

If you are looking for a real gym to train in while in the area, look no further than this. I was only in the area for a week, but I was able to train just like I was at home. No bs, no crazy rules, just people getting results and all the equipment you need to get it done! Great gym! Thanks for the hospitality

Devin Moeller

Greatest gym I have ever been to! If you have been looking for a friendly and energetic place to go, then consider this your new home. The trainers are amazing and very knowledgeable. Whatever kind of training you want to do, Amp Hardcore Gym offers the equipment to do it. Everyone that goes there is friendly and willing to help you, whether you need a spotter, tips on proper form, or new exercises that you never thought of. Let your imagination run wild. Just be safe. There's so much more I could say about this place but I will spoil the opportunity for you to see for yourself. Go in for a free one day workout, then afterwards you can cancel whatever gym membership you have. If you see me there say hi and if you need help feel free to ask.

Michael Frogray

Sensei Chandler, is a true Budo/Martial Arts teacher. And one of the most educated and trained, trainers in the world. He was my Ninpo teacher for many years, and I can honestly say, that my time spent training with Sensei Chandler, changed my life, forever. The life time he has spent training himself, from 8 years old, to Japan, to St. Augustine, with many stops, in between, has given him the ability to completely help anyone, in any way. Thank you Sensei, for always being there for me, no matter how many years may pass.

Steve Keshner

The very best in attitude towards your personal fitness. Tell them what you want to become, and they will mold you through your journey.

John Chapman

Awesome facility, friendly staff and the equipment is top notch.

Sarah Lewis

Great gym with super friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful staff. Suitable for all your needs from boxing to powerlifting! I'd recommend this powerful gym to anyone that's at any stage of their fitness goals

Ian Mclean

Has to be the best gym in town. If you want some serious gains you need to come here!

Joe Bennett

First workout at Amp. Hardcore??? YOU BET!!!!!!!!! Neil and Staff are great folks. You'll work harder, be inspired, and reach your goals here. They leave it up to you, but are there to help, and encourage.

Levi Fairbanks

Hardcore gym that gives not a single f**k. Slam weights and grunt all you want here. If you're not hardcore go back to planet fitness.

Matt Lee

Solid gym. Best I've ever been in. It's for people who are serious about improving their way of life.

Rick Ongley

Thanks to the guys at Amp Hardcore Gym for their support and advice in helping me to reach my latest personal record of 405 dead-lift

Chase Taylor

The best gym I've been to in Florida by far!

Thomas James Manning

Great gym awesome people , great trainers. Excellent boxing program and martial arts . This Gym Has A Little Bit Of Something For Everyone .

David Petty

Blood, sweat, and tears - no pussies allowed! Love this gym!

Rick Kushner

Favorite place to train in Florida!

Cherity Petty

AWESOME gym & friendly staff!! We are looking forward to another visit!!!

Tina Banta

Great gym...no frills, just hardcore...love it!!!

Johnathon Guinn

If you want a gym where the trainers and patrons are passionate about your health and well being, this is the gym for you. If you want to make a change in your life for the better and get the healthy body you have wanted then stop on by Amp Hardcore Gym. They offer discounts to the men and women who protect and serve us daily. They offer weight training, martial arts, boxing and much more. Everything you could ask for in a gym. This is the perfect place for children to learn how to protect themselves and about respecting themselves and others. The martial arts program is designed to learn how to look into ones self and expand their willingness to succeed not only in martial arts but in life.