"Boxing is an important tool used to teach life lessons to the youth. In our classes boxers will learn to have strong attributes such as pride, motivation, perseverance, confidence, focus, self-discipline and commitment. The world today is not set up for them to find character and grit and to harness and mold intrinsic drive. The youth today have too many distractions with technologies' stronghold on them. Many athletic organizations are based on the participation trophy ideals. These are not in place to create strong self-esteems and values. In our boxing classes, instead of a trophy, boxers build their intrinsic motivation and learn to understand what it means to be humble and respectful. We want to see failure and emotion, so that they can grow stronger from these experiences." -Mike Sharman Here at Amp Hardcore Gym, we provide old-school boxing training from our experienced, certified and talented coaches. Amp offers kids boxing classes and adults boxing classes. We focus on a couple core values including confidence and discipline. Amp is one of the few Old-School Boxing Gyms left in the Saint Augustine area and we are proud to be. Classes include lots of sparring, shadowboxing, jump roping, bag drills, and foot work drills. Glove up today and get in the ring with us!


Mike Sharman

Head Coach

Boxing is an art form, a sweet science, and a way of life. I have boxed since I can remember. Christmases were so filled with boxing equipment, that I believed Santa was a boxer himself. I was involved with many different martial arts, freestyle wrestling, and MMA, but I always returned to my one true love: boxing. Boxing is in my blood, I’m a third-generation boxer. My great-grandpa ran with Jack Dempsey and James Braddock. And, on down the family tree was littered with boxers. I was well on my way to starting a wonderful boxing career when a car accident changed my path for me. I have coached boxing at AMP GYM since 2015, and have coached in South Florida and New York. I also have taught in public education for over 20 years, and am an active Realtor in Saint Augustine, Florida. Boxing is a journey that an individual takes primarily by themselves. There is of course support from coaches, other boxers, and friends and family. Yet, at the end of the day, there is only one person looking back in the mirror at you; that same person will be in the ring with you for the rest of your life. I am dedicated to providing a safe, positive, and healthy atmosphere in which all members believe and practice the values of respect and perseverance. The mindset of team, sportsmanship, grueling conditioning, and mental, spiritual, and emotional health are at the forefront of our beliefs. Boxers develop self-confidence and self-esteem through an environment that fosters these values. These virtues are instilled by the coaches, and board members in the training of the individuals in the boxing programs. The better you become, the more peace you will find with yourself and those around you. When you lose yourself in boxing you will finally find your real potential.

Bryan Welsh

Assistant Coach

I was involved in many sports growing up including baseball, football, and hockey. I entered the world of combat sports through Ju Jitsu, boxing, and Judo. I severed in the United States Marine Corps as a Diesel Mechanic. I returned to boxing through Amp’s boxing adult class and within a year had my first amateur match. I was able to learn quickly through going beyond just training and became a true student of the science of boxing. Now I am coaching, yet I am still a student, boxing is sport that you never truly master. I have been co-coaching the youth class and adult class at Amp Hardcore Gym now for three years, and hope to continue to grow, learn, and teach for many more years to come. My philosophy for boxing is finding your physical breaking point, and then learning how to break past it. That philosophy is what I bring with me to give to those I train.

USA Boxing Coach
USA Boxing Athlete


Ally Holcroft

Assistant Coach

Since the age of 12, Ally has been involved in the sport of boxing. There were never any other girls in the gym she grew up in, so she learned to box by sparring grown men and sometimes young boys. Boxing quickly became an addiction as well as an escape for her and so did working out in general. She started from the bottom with anxiety, depression, and not eating enough, but she quickly learned to overcome these challenges. Her boxing coach showed her that being involved in this sport required you to eat and as the years passed, she became a strong, proud, and confident young woman. Today Ally teaches boxing to children as young as 5, as well as adults. It is her dream to own an all-girls boxing gym someday and teach other women to be strong, powerful, and confident just like she learned. She’s super passionate about the sport and just wants to help others learn how to defend themselves, get a good workout in, and gain confidence!

ASFA Master Personal Trainer
CPR/AED (Adult / Child / Infant) Automated External Defibrillator (AED)

PHILOSOPHY:It's not the size of the girl in the fight. It's the fight in the girl.

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