HIIT Like a Girl

HIIT Like a Girl
HIIT Like a Girl is a women's and girl's boxing program created by Ally. It was designed to help women feel more comfortable and confident while learning the sport. The classes are based off old-school boxing techniques and include High Intensity Interval training, sparring, jump roping, shadow boxing, heavy bag drills, personal protection, speed bag work, mitt work, foot work drills and so much more! Ladies what are you waiting for?! It is time to glove up and learn how to protect those pretty faces!
The Schedule
The Coach
Ally began boxing when she was twelve. The sport quickly became an addiction as well as an escape for her and so did working out in general. The gym that taught her everything she knows about boxing had barely any girls. So, Ally learned to box by sparring grown men and sometimes young boys. She started from the bottom with anxiety, depression, and not eating enough, but she quickly learned to overcome these challenges. Her boxing coach showed her that being involved in the sport required her to eat and as the years passed, she became a strong, proud, and confident young female boxer. Today Ally teaches boxing to ages 5-up. It is her dream to own an all-girls boxing gym someday and teach other women to be strong, powerful, and confident just like she learned. Sheโ€™s super passionate about the sport and just wants to help others learn how to defend themselves, get a good workout in, and gain confidence!
Pricing Options
Drop-in fee is $15/class. OR Sign up for the pink membership that comes with 24/7 gym access, limited combat zone access, and all HIIT Like a Girl Classes for $100/month if you commit for a year or $130/month for a short-term commitment.