Personal training is the fastest and safest way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Amp Gyms personal training team holds over 50 years of combined experience and is led by Matt Nigut, a Master Trainer certified through the National Academy Of Sport Medicine. Our team of personal trainers work as a team to ensure each client gets the maximum benefit of our combined experience. Personal training packages include a complimentary 24/7 gym membership, nutritional counseling, fitness homework and a customized training program designed specifically for your goals.

St Augustine Personal Training.

All employees are expert trainers with knowledge and experience in bodybuilding, powerlifting, boxing, MMA, nutrition & more.

Amp was created for those who refuse to accept average or good enough. “Go hard or go home” is the philosophy we live by. All others need not apply.

Neil Chandler

Owner & Master Personal Trainer & Martial Arts Instructor

Neil has over 30 years experience in the fitness industry as a coach, a trainer, and has over 40 years experience in Martial Arts. Neil began Golden Glove Boxing at the age of 8, and eventually gave up a career in Law Enforcement to train throughout Asia with the Masters. He has been featured in multiple documentaries, a Top-Rated TV program on NBC, multiple magazine articles, and was nominated in the Black Belt Hall of Fame. After many years of experience, he has blended Eastern Medicine with ancient mind & body healing and integration techniques, with the most up-to-date training modalities and nutritional information, to create a true holistic training program.

He has trained movie and television personalities, professional and amateur athletes, those with debilitating injuries, and many who just want to improve their health and lifestyle.

IFPA Certified Personal Trainer
American College of Sports Medicine Member
University of Alabama R.T.I. Graduate
Certified Emergency Medical Technician
Certified Health Care Provider (AHA)
Certified CPR & AED Provider (AHA)
Certified Shiatsu Practitioner
Unsui Reiki Master Practitioner
Certified Cross-Training Instructor
President - American Close Quarter Combat Society
Founder - Japanese Combat Arts, INC
Senior Instructor Next Level Combat Club
Urban Tactical Krav Maga Instructor
Certified Micro Fit Technician & Instructor
Black Belt Instructor of Ninjutsu
Instructor of Aikido
Black Belt Instructor of Kenpo Karate
Master Instructor of Japanese Jujutsu
Instructor of Ninjutsu & Taijutsu
Za-Zen Meditation Instructor

PHILOSOPHY: Health and fitness starts from the inside out. True fitness is a balance between body, mind and spirit. As long as we give each equal training, we will be on the path of health.

Matt Nigut

Fitness Coordinator & Personal Trainer

Matt is our Fitness Coordinator at Amp Gym. He began apprenticing under Owner, Neil Chandler, at the age of 13 and has been with Amp Gym since we opened our doors in March of 2014. Matt brings over 10 years of Personal Training experience and 15 years of Martial Arts experience. Matt was voted Best Personal Trainer in the St. Augustine Record in 2017.

Matt works very closely with our team of Personal Trainers to provide our clients with the most effective and result-oriented fitness programs for their individual goals. Matt is responsible for new client evaluations, nutritional counseling, lifestyle coaching and assisting Sensei Neil Chandler in our Martial Arts Program. Although he specializes in weight lass and performance enhancement training, Matt has consistently delivered results to clients as young as 6, and up to seniors well into their 80's, as well as everyone in between. Matt boasts a long list of satisfied clients and proudly can say absolutely no injuries.

Matt offers Personal Training, Small Group Personal Training, Boot-Camps, Private Martial Arts Instruction, and individualized exercise and nutrition program design.

1st Dan Black Belt Japanese Jujutsu under Sensei Neil Chandler
NASM Master Trainer
Crossfit Level One Trainer
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
NASM MMA Conditioning Specialist
NASM Integrated Core Training Specialist
NASM Neuromuscular Flexibility Specialist
CPR/AED First Aid Certified with Pro First Aid
Runner-up Best Personal Trainer 2016 St. Augustine Record
Best Personal Trainer 2017 St. Augustine Record

PHILOSOPHY: Train Hard. Eat Clean. Rest Well. Love Life.

Aaron Goyette

Personal Trainer

Aaron has been helping others reach their fitness goals for over 10 years. He has played college sports and continues to compete in powerlifting competitions. Aaron truly understands the time and dedication it takes to compete at the highest level and he loves helping other do the same. While attending college, he worked with division one strength coaches to fulfill his desire to understand the techniques and importance of training to be the best of the best. In "The United States Powerlifting Association", Aarons powerlifting totals well above the Master's category at 1,807 pounds. Although Aaron has trained a variety of division one athletes over the years, he has also had many clients who have never stepped foot in a gym and they have all seen results. Along with his personal training experience, he has also worked for six years traveling across the country as a Registered Cardiovascular Invasive Specialist. Aaron's experience in the medical field and year of training athletes, gives him a unique perspective allowing him to bring a wholistic approach to each client's individual exigency.

CPR/AED Youth and Adult Certified
Certified Personal Trainer
Powerlifting Contest Prep Coach

PHILOSOPHY: God already wants what is best for you and also has a plan, so why not just show up and prove to Him that you can!

Caity Gagnon

Personal Trainer

Caity is a living example of her own fitness and lifestyle philosophy! After successfully losing 70lbs and completely changing her own body and mind, she became passionate about sharing her experience and helping others on their journey. Caity fully understands all the challenges involved with losing weight and changing your diet to see what you want in the mirror. She is great at motivating clients through every step and obstacle on the path to their ideal body and fitness level.

Caity specializes in corrective exercise, weight loss, women’s fitness, and nutritional counseling. She lives and teaches a balance between fitness, food, and lifestyle leading to results which speak for themselves. Caity has extensive experience with vegan and vegetarian diets and can design great tasting nutritional plans for most dietary preferences. She has nothing but passion and drive to help other women accomplish their own health and fitness goals.

NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist
Certified CPR & AED provider

PHILOSOPHY: If you can see your goal in your mind, you will soon see it in the mirror.